Face of the Race

Each year, the Race on the Base event at the Joint Forces Training Base in Los Alamitos, California attracts a diverse melting pot of people. Participants have told stories of championing their weight loss goals, overcoming various life obstacles, spending time with their family, training for their first triathlon, or competing in their fourth triathlon at only 9-years of age. Whatever the reason may be, we admire the people that come together in this display of athletic determination and want to know more about what drives people to compete or to simply participate. Every person has a unique reason and we want to know yours. Help us tell your story! Why are you competing in the Race on the Base? If selected, you will be featured as our “Face of the Race.” Your story will be shared and everyone will be updated with your training progress and experience before, during, and after the race.

To be our Face of the Race, submit a written entry to mpatience@cityoflosalamitos.org by October 29th that tells us why you would like to be featured. Pictures are encouraged, but not required. Your entry will be evaluated and one or more participants will be selected, depending on the amount of submissions received. The participant(s) selected to be covered will receive a free entry to the event of their choice at the 2013 Race on the Base.


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