Racing Clinics

Our first race clinic is just around the corner. Held at Oak Middle School on Saturday, November 10th from 9:00 to 11:00am, this clinic will be the perfect introduction to our race experience. Throughout the series of free clinics, athletes will be given the opportunity to talk to experts that will provide information on anything from nutrition and injury prevention to training tips and techniques. The clinics will also provide insider information on our race course so that each athlete can have a working knowledge of what to expect on race day in order to better physically and mentally prepare. Again, these clinics are FREE. They are perfect for someone who is new to the race scene or a seasoned athlete looking for a refresher or tips for our specific course. RSVP by emailing… We hope to see you there!

Are these clinics helpful? If you are passing on the free clinics, what would make you consider attending them? What are YOU looking for?

Be sure to add these to your calendar! Future clinics:
January 12, 2013           9:00-11:00am                Oak Middle School
January 26, 2013           9:00-11:00am                Oak Middle School
February 9, 2013            9:00-11:00am                Oak Middle School
February 16, 2013          2:00-4:00pm                  Community Center


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