Though it seems long ago, we recently wrapped up the Halloween season (which apparently means it is instantly Christmas time according to Target) that is infamously filled with urban legends and spooky superstitions. The way my brain works… I started by thinking of superstitions…and then because I’m a mild workaholic, work snuck into my innocent work-free thought process… work lead me to Race on the Base… and that lead me to remembering how I’m responsible for this blog and superstitions could be an interesting topic to discuss. And now here we are.

I used to play sports in high school (yes, by referencing this at all I am still clinging to my glory days). I am a mildly superstitious person by nature, but this is especially true when it comes to sports and my game day routine. I remember that I had certain things I had to do to warm up, specific foods I would eat, and most importantly… my game day outfits and accessories. At some point, I was apparently struck by the idea that a head band, long socks, and two wrist bands (both on the right arm, naturally) would transform me into an instant lady version of Michael Jordan on the court. I soon realized I looked completely foolish (and still shake my head as I look at pictures), but it was too late. I played great one day early on while I happened to be wearing that combination… and I never looked back. I wore that same combination every single game day from then on (don’t worry… I normally washed them first). My routine had been set, my superstitions ingrained. I couldn’t just drop this tradition since I had been playing well. It wasn’t up to ME after all, was it? Consequences from breaking superstitions are clearly out of my control. If I lost, it wasn’t because I played horribly… it was because I somehow messed up my game day routine.

Well that’s enough about me… let’s turn the tables to you. What, if any, race day routines or superstitions do you have? If you have an off day can you immediately pin point what went wrong in your routine? Tell us all about your quirks that keep you going. We won’t judge here (after all I told you about my ridiculous outfit, so I’m not sure I have room to say much)… so feel free to share your race day secrets.


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