New Year’s Resolutions

Over the years, I have created an overly specific list of unrealistic resolutions each New Year fully knowing I will probably not maintain any of them. It’s almost like I enjoy setting myself up for failure. I wake up each January 1st determined and full of resolve. This will be the year that I successfully complete all of my resolutions… or at least one of them. I am going to travel more. I am going to exercise. I am going to eat better…

New Year’s Resolutions are always created with the best of intentions. They are a guideline of your own expectations of what you think will make you more successful, happier, better, and so on. I’ve always found that I can start off my list of resolutions based solely upon my own self-motivation and then falter as those around me fall back into their own bad habits. It makes it easier to excuse and avoid your own when the people around you are falling victim to their vices.

This year I challenge you. Don’t be afraid to set New Year’s Resolutions, but set smaller, more attainable goals. Set yourself up for success. Be proud of each step you take. And if your resolution is to get in better shape, what better way to set yourself up for success than having a goal to reach, a milestone to accomplish, a finish line to cross? If you always find yourself giving up on a goal because those around you struggle to stay motivated, you can be comforted by the fact that you have a whole team of people rooting for you. Come join us. We will be waiting to cheer you on!

New Year’s Resolution:

I, ______________________ (insert name), WILL compete in my first (or 2nd or 10th…) _________________ (fill in the blank with… 5K, 10K, Reverse Triathlon) on February 23, 2013.

Make us a part of your resolutions this year… Pledge now!


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