To Theme or Not to Theme?

To Theme or Not to Theme?

We had already planned to bring this topic up, but the last entry by our Face of the Race winner provided the perfect transition into this discussion…

With the obvious trend in themed runs popping up everywhere (Zombies, Color, and Spartans oh my!), it is natural to consider jumping on this popular bandwagon. Themes can add an appeal and carefree atmosphere that may not be present without them. The competition expands from being more based on physical prowess to acknowledging, and fostering pride in, creativity and uniqueness.

To help you better visualize, check out these links which highlight of some of the most intense and interesting themed runs (which apparently includes a WINE run, a krispy kreme donut challenge, and running up the steps of therudy Empire State Building!): ( and I don’t want to burst any bubbles prematurely, but I did share the link just for fun… you can guarantee about 90% of the madness included on that list will never fit with our race! Don’t expect chocolate, undie runs, twinkies , or a string of celebrity houses any time soon, folks! The Spartan and Warrior runs on the other hand… have definitely caught my attention. What about you?rudy

We may not have a celebrity site-seeing tour, but we have had celebrity appearances! Here, Sean Astin, the one and only RUDY, graced us (on his birthday, no less!) to run our 10K. (thanks to for the photo!)

Our Face of the Race described a costume-based theme, though there are themes that inspire the design and format of the race itself as well. Where our race is held screams of possibilities for perfectly themed events… Camo 5K? Military Mud Run? Officers Obstacle Course? Military Miles (different military honored at each mile mark)? The possibilities are seemingly endless. Without even touching upon the feasibility of this, we’d like for your input on this trend. Do you feel like including such elements would add to the appeal of our event? Do they negatively affect the competitive nature of the event or do they just add a little more fun and flair?




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